The After Party Sale is Here!


HOORAY! The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale dates have officially been set for August 22 – 23rd. That’s THIS Monday and Tuesday, friends! There are two summer sales that I always look forward to: Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale and Lilly’s After Party Sale. I used to always anticipate Lilly’s warehouse sale too, but they didn’t do one this year. So sad! The APS is essentially an online version of a good Black Friday sale (think lines to get in and people snatching things out of your cart), and because of that, it takes some strategy if you’re going to get really great deals on the things you actually want. Popovers tend to sell out pretty quickly, and so do a lot of the more popular prints. You CAN shop the sale in stores as well, but they don’t usually have quite as much of a selection. If you’re going to go in store, go early on Monday morning to get the best deals!

Since I’ve been shopping the sale for a few years now, I have a pretty good idea about what to expect. I’ve heard that this year they will have an even bigger selection than they’ve had in the past, and they will also be restocking items on Tuesday morning, which they have never done before! Today I wanted to share a few of my best tips for Monday so we can all get ready to shop the sale together and snatch up some of our favorite items for a great price!

  1. Be patient. Lilly’s site ALWAYS crashes during this sale. More recently they’ve been better about finding ways to fix this, but it always seems to be a problem. The good news is that the site will start working again eventually. Just be patient and wait. You’ll also have to wait in a line to get into the sale, but it goes by fairly quickly. You can check their Facebook page for updates throughout the sale. Patience is key!
  2. Check out more than once. Items in your cart aren’t guaranteed until you check out. If someone else wants the same item, it can be snatched from your shopping cart at any point. Sometimes an item will leave your cart as soon as you put it in. Because of that, I always find my “must haves” right away, check out, and then go get back in line to shop some more. Shipping is free, so you don’t have to worry about paying additional shipping costs!
  3. Use multiple devices. Like I said, when you sign onto Lilly’s website, they place you in a virtual line. This helps keep the site from crashing, but it also means that you have to wait for someone else to check out in order to get access to the website. Use multiple devices so that you can shop on whichever device gets into the sale first. Plus, if you checkout with a few items on your computer, you can go and shop the sale on your phone without having to wait in line all over again.
  4. Update your account in advance. If you don’t already have an account, go make one this weekend! If you do, make sure that you’re billing and shipping info is all correct. This way you won’t have to spend time doing it during the sale and risk losing the items in your cart while you’re filling out all the info. The quicker you checkout the better!

Phew! I think that about covers it. You can find all of the FAQ about the sale here. I’m planning on stocking up on some Christmas gifts, some popovers for when the weather gets a bit cooler this winter, and hopefully a couple dresses as well! What are your favorite Lilly Pulitzer styles?

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